Film Industry Baden-Württemberg

Our film commissions offer free access to the regional expertise in film sectors throughout Baden-Württemberg. The fundamental idea is to optimize local networks and already existing contacts and industry knowledge.

The film commissions provide targeted consulting, as well as comprehensive information about shooting locations, permits, artistic and technical professionals, in addition to access to budding film talents in the region. The commissions assist film professionals in negotiating with regional service providers, government agencies, and experts. And they will help you find the perfect shooting location.

Currently, Baden-Württemberg boasts eight regional commissions under the auspices of the MFG Filmförderung: Freiburg Schwarzwald, Baden-Baden/Karlsruhe, Nordbaden, Stuttgart, Neckar-Alb, Ulm, Bodensee and Heilbronn-Franken/Ostalb.

Film Commission Freiburg Schwarzwald


Film Commission Baden-Baden/Karlsruhe


Film Commission Nordbaden

Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar

Film Commission Region Stuttgart


Film Commission Ulm


FilmCommission Bodensee