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ACT NOW on climate change - call for entries open until October 16th, 2019

Climate change is the biggest threat facing the world. Awareness may be moving all too slowly, but thanks to today’s younger generation, things can change! A global youth movement has risen up sharply in recent years and we want to help everyone take a stand via the Mobile Film Festival!

This year, we’ve chosen to invite entrants to make films on the topic of ACT NOW On Climate Change.

Especially the one question we’re all asking and obsessing over... what can I do ?
We’re obviously talking about our daily routines, sorting waste, eating organic, flying less, becoming vegetarian, consuming less... these are all essential, but still not enough. Initiatives led by NGOs, over 90 of which support our festival, are paving the way across the world.

But, above all, what can I do as a screenwriter, director, producer, actor or actress? Cyril Dion and the ON EST PRÊT [WE’RE READY] collective came together to challenge the film industry at the last Cannes Film Festival with their ‘Resist and Create’ forum, something that inspired many of us, calling on film professionals to commit to remembering that ‘these are the stories that can shape our collective vision’.

We’re pleased to invite you all, directors and writers of the Mobile Film Festival, to imagine a collective future where the climate crisis is resolved and not just the source of humanity’s downfall.

We’ve known for 15 years how creative and inventive you can be in all different genres of films. So, let’s now imagine and share an inspiring, desirable future together that we can make a reality in the here and now. ACT NOW!

How to participate? Click here.


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